Eric Bischoff Would Be Shocked If Goldberg Signs With AEW

Eric Bischoff doesn't think Goldberg will end up in AEW

While Tony Khan has revealed he is keeping an eye on Goldberg's free agent status, former Senior Vice President of WCW Eric Bischoff doesn't expect Da' Man to join All Elite Wrestling.

Bischoff said on his Strictly Business podcast

"I doubt Bill (Goldberg) needs the money. That rush doesn't get any better than the rush he's had in WWE...he could probably, possibly, I guess, make a really, really sweet deal, and hey, business is business. Bill's all about business, don't think he's not. But unless he's really money-motivated, I don't see that happening."

Goldberg has been a free agent since the end of 2022 when his WWE contract expired. The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion's third run with WWE began in 2019 and Goldberg would have a second reign as Universal Champion before his last WWE match at Elimination Chamber 2022, where he lost to Roman Reigns. 

If Goldberg plans to have another match outside of WWE is unknown but the WWE Hall of Famer has hinted at having a retirement match in recent months.

H/T to Wrestling Inc.

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