Evil Uno Admits Being Without Stu Grayson In AEW Is "A Little Weird”

Stu Grayson recently left AEW after the expiration of his deal

When Stu Grayson left AEW after the expiration of his deal, many wrestling fans were shocked at the news, with the Dark Order co-founder having been part of AEW since near the beginning of the company’s existence.

With Grayson gone, Evil Uno is the last original Dark Order member remaining, and when asked by NBC Sports Boston what it’s like turning up to work without his long-time tag partner, Uno said the following:

"It's a little weird. He's my friend so I have an understanding of what he was going through, it's not like it took me by surprise," Uno said. "This was a mutual decision. He wanted something out of his contract and they did not have that for him and he wasn't going to continue if it wasn't for that and he was fine walking away and he's not upset in any way. I still see him. We run a wrestling school back in Canada and we still see each other once or twice a week.”

The pair teamed for many years in AEW and across the Indies as The Super Smash Brothers, but Uno believes the pair will do just fine flying solo:

"I'm pretty confident I'll do okay and I'm sure Stu, wherever he does land, will do fantastic as well because he's truthfully one of the best wrestlers, probably, in the world and I think most people are just unaware of it,” Uno concluded. 

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