Exclusive: Charles Crowley Explains Why He Put Together You Are Cordially Invited

The wild cinematic match closed out 2020

After a tumultuous 2020 for British professional wrestling, Charles Crowley helped end the year on a more positive note with the release of You Are Cordially Invited, a cinematic match featuring the likes of Session Moth Martina, Cara Noir, Gene Munny, Dan Moloney and Kid Lykos II. 

Crowley recently sat down with Tom Campbell on the Cultaholic News Podcast to reflect on the cinematic match, which you can listen to here

During their conversation, Crowley explained he decided to put the match together because he wanted to show fans who was still active in British wrestling despite the events of 2020. 

"I kind of had a think to myself and I thought, 'What can anyone do? How long is it gonna be until wrestling comes back?' There was a tweet that someone posted that said something like, 'When wrestling comes back in 2021 there'll be no stars anymore,' because for whatever reason a lot of people have left. And it's a good thing that a lot of them have left, we had this great cleanse, but within that this person was quite concerned that there were no stars left, no draws," Crowley said. 

"And I was like, 'Woah, hold on a minute... there's loads of people, man.' I can think off the top of my head so many unique, talented, interesting and most importantly good people... And so, I was like, 'Right, how can I show that in my own way?'" 

Check out the match below:

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