Exclusive: Eric Young Feels "Justified" After Winning The IMPACT World Championship

He's back at the top of the mountain...

On last night's edition of IMPACT!, Eric Young reached the top of the mountain once again after he defeated Eddie Edwards for the IMPACT World Championship. 

The World Class Maniac's title win comes only five months after he was released by WWE, and Young spent much of his final two years with the company as an enhancement talent on Raw and SmackDown.

Following his victory over Eddie Edwards, Young spoke to Cultaholic's own Jack King and revealed he feels "justified" after what had been "a couple of weird years" in his career. 

The new IMPACT World Champion said: "For me, a big word that keeps coming up in my head is 'justified.' A couple of weird years there in my career and I can say that this is something that I believe that I am very capable of. I've always been capable of, and it's justification for real. And it feels so good and so fresh and so new. It's a very exciting time to be me and to be with IMPACT."

Check out Jack's full interview with Eric Young in the Cultaholic Wrestling News Podcast here


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