Exclusive: Karl Anderson Comments On The Good Brothers Possibly Rejoining Bullet Club In NJPW

The Good Brothers have already agreed terms with New Japan...

After their 90-day non-compete clauses expired, The Good Brothers didn't wait long to return to professional wrestling as they debuted in IMPACT Wrestling at Slammiversary 2020. They also revealed during Countdown to F**ktown that they had agreed to terms with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, but their return to the promotion has been delayed because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

During their previous stint in NJPW, the three-time IWGP Tag Team Champions were a major part of Bullet Club and helped the faction grow in popularity across the world with the likes of AJ Styles, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Prince Devitt. 

Tom Campbell recently asked the pair if they planned to rejoin their old faction once they return to New Japan. Karl Anderson ultimately kept the details close to his chest, but he did admit it will be a great story either way because of their history with the villainous group.

Machine Gun KA said: "We're proud of what we did with Bullet Club. Like, being the originators of it and being the originals that got it into America and all over the world because Bullet Club's a hot thing. There's such a great story that you can tell with the Bullet Club. Do we go back? Do we join the Bullet Club? Do we not join the Bullet Club? There's just so much layers you can tell to that story. 

"And I think, no matter what now, Gallows and Anderson, like, we're not the kind of guys now that are going to fall into line. We look at ourselves as leaders, so, no matter what, wherever we go, we want to lead and we want to be at the front and at the top of the card, where we believe we should be. And after Slammiversary I think we proved that. And I think if we go back to the Bullet Club it's going to be at a very high position and there's just such a great story than can be told. And we're looking forward to seeing what happens."

The new IMPACT Wrestling stars also revealed who would be in their dream Bullet Club as Big LG added the likes of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to the stable, while Anderson couldn't look beyond Nick and Matt Jackson.

"You can start with some OG Bullet Club guys," Gallows said. "With us, with AJ, with Finn. Give me maybe Hall and Nash, Stone Cold, Heath, because he's sitting right next to me and he's fun to party with."

Karl added: "No matter what, with the Bullet Club you have to include The Young Bucks because they have such an awesome following that they brought from Ring Of Honor when Ring Of Honor was really hot. And they brought those fans, The Young Bucks brand to the Bullet Club and helped to even take it to a different level, man. And I think The Young Bucks no matter what in any generation are a prize piece, baby."

Check out Tom's full chat with The Good Brothers here

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