Exclusive: The Good Brothers Reveal The Pros And Cons Of Filming Talk'N Shop A Mania In Doc Gallows' Backyard

The best worst pay-per-view ever will be broadcast tonight...

The best worst pay-per-view ever is finally here as Talk'N Shop A Mania will be broadcast tonight at 2 am BST on FITE. The "wild, booze-soaked wrestling event" promises to be an entertaining few hours for fans as Chadd 2 Badd and Sex Ferguson will go one on one in a Boneryard match. Other wrestlers on the show include Heath, Chavo Guerrero, Teddy Long, Rocky Romero and The Rock "N" Roll Express.  

Ahead of the pay-per-view, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson sat down for a chat with Tom Campbell to discuss what exactly a Boneryard match is.

Big LG said: "A Boneryard match? A Boneryard match is the epitomy of rivalry. It's 35 years of a team that has turned their backs on one another. And now one man has got to be buried alive in a Boneryard match in a real grave in my backyard."

Anderson added: "At the end of the day, Sex Ferguson is a sex addict, right. So, there's no other better place than to see Sex Ferguson's demise than in a Boneryard match. A match that he made famous."

Gallows replied: "I disagree with that. I think you saw the clip of Chadd 2 Badd letting that heinous fart fly into the face of the sexy Sex Ferguson. However, that's not the end of the Boneryard match. There's more to come. That's not how we're going to go out."

The pay-per-view was ultimately filmed in Gallows' backyard, which could pose some problems for a home's property value, but also means you don't have very far to travel to get to work. 

The Good Brothers talked to Tom about some of the pros and cons of holding an event in your back garden and both agreed a major con was "everything can get destroyed" because you have too many wrestlers at your house. They did note that it allowed them to be creative and have some fun though. 

The former Freakin' Deacon said: "You have too many wrestlers over at your house. That thing can get destroyed."

Machine Gun KA agreed: "Yeah, everything can get destroyed. Pros though, being able to be creative and have fun. And like, as we were writing this we were laughing and we're smiling and we realised that we enjoy this s**t and pro wrestling is supposed to be fun. And, you know, we didn't have fun for a long time so being able to be ourselves, and we know how to make people laugh, man."   

Check out Tom's full chat with The Good Brothers here.

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