Ezekiel Reveals What He Thinks Elias Is Doing Now

Where is Elias?

Elias has been gone from WWE TV since August of 2021 when he threw his guitar into a fire and announced he was dead. 

The Drifter's younger brother Ezekiel has shed some light on his whereabouts, though, telling WWE's The Bump that he thinks Elias is somewhere on Earth "doing a little bit of soul searching." 

"It's not like I talk to him all the time. If you guys remember, Elias is a bit of a drifter, he comes in and out, you never really know what he’s going to do. If I had to guess, he's just out there doing a little bit of soul searching, a little bit of music playing. Maybe playing a little bar here and there. Playing shows like that to keep himself entertained. I haven't talked to him all that recently but that's my guess as to what he's doing," Ezekiel said.

During Elias' absence from TV, his younger brother Ezekiel has debuted in the company, appearing on the Raw after WrestleMania 38. Kevin Owens has remained convinced that Ezekiel is actually Elias but the man in orange tights has passed every test put in front of him so far. 

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