Finn Balor: Bringing Back The Demon Would Be A Step Back

He's comfortable as The Prince

The Demon hasn't appeared on WWE TV since Super ShowDown 2019 and Finn Balor's alter-ego has been locked away since he moved back to the black and gold brand.

Balor himself appeared to explain that The Demon had not appeared because he had learned to control his emotions as The Prince and he has since told WWE Now India that he feels "The Demon would be a step back" at this point.

"I think as soon as Karrion Kross came to NXT people kind of had this idea of a dream scenario of Karrion Kross vs. The Demon and the battle of the two entrances and the battle of the two darker characters," Balor said. "But, for me, in this moment of my career, I feel like The Demon would be a step back. I feel like right now with my ring work as The Prince I feel very comfortable, I feel very controlled. I feel very confident and I feel that's the direction I have to go at TakeOver. So, I don't want to let anyone down in the moment, there's gonna be no Demon. But there's gonna be a very very dark side of The Prince that is gonna meticulously take apart Karrion Kross." 

If The Demon will be revived at a later date ultimately remains to be seen. Some have speculated the alter-ego could return if The Prince is unable to get the job done at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, though.  

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