First Ever UK Parliamentary Wrestling Conference To Take Place

The APPG for Wrestling are set to hold a conference this month

Following the major success of WWE Clash At The Castle in Cardiff, Wales, a first ever Parliamentary wrestling conference is to take place, with members of the UK wrestling community invited to speak with members of parliament to discuss how the UK can better serve and assist the pro-wrestling industry.

The conference will take place at the House of Commons on Wednesday, November 16, with the following press release announcing the aims of the conference:

In the wake of news that US Wrestling giant WWE drew some $8,000,000 for its first British stadium show in 30 years, a group of MPs is bringing together key change makers from Britain’s own wrestling industry in parliament this Wednesday.

In partnership with Loughborough University, the world’s leading university for sport-related research, the leadership of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Wrestling has put together a conference which will take in sessions on health and safety, safeguarding, and action to tackle misogynist abuse, before hearing from participants towards developing a ‘code of better practice’ for British wrestling. 

The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Michelle Donelan MP, will address the crowd.

Wrestlers, promoters and coaches have all been invited to join the conference, together with academics, and others with a related interest.

The conference announcement builds on previous successful Loughborough University sponsored collaborative initiatives, including the British Academy-funded ‘Health and Wellbeing in Professional Wrestling’ project, which conducted a supportive health check of British professional wrestling in the hope that it would emerge from the pandemic in a safer and more inclusive way, and which overlapped with the APPG’s landmark report on the independent British wrestling scene.

The APPG released its report in April 2021, reviewing regulation, funding, safeguarding and wellbeing in British wrestling, and finding several gaps. Since the report was released, the group has met with numerous key bodies, secured funding for British promotions working overseas, gained support from the Health and Safety Executive, and is in discussion with relevant stakeholders about a wrestling ring-safety standard for Britain.

Alex Davies-Jones MP, Labour Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Wrestling said:

“I’m so pleased to see people are enthusiastic about British wrestling. We need to make sure that anyone inspired to become a wrestler themselves enters an industry which supports and protects them. This conference builds on our report, it helps put our recommendations into action, and demonstrates that we are in this for the long haul.

"I’m hopeful that it will help various elements of the wrestling industry here in Britain to find a collective voice."

Claire Warden, Professor of Performance and Physical Culture at Loughborough University, said:

"This is a wonderful opportunity to pool our resources and work together to support the UK's exciting wrestling scene. The data collected through the Health and Wellbeing in Professional Wrestling project can now be put into action. We hope this unique collaboration will enable the wrestling community to come together to create a safe, inclusive environment for performers and fans alike.”

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Wrestling was founded in 2020 in the wake of the ‘speaking out’ movement. The APPG’s initial report can be found here.

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