FTR ‘Not Upset’ At AEW Fight Forever Omission

FTR will not be in the base AEW Fight Forever game

It was revealed this week that top AEW tag team FTR have been ‘pulled’ from the base version of the upcoming AEW: Fight Forever video game, with many fans surprised at the ‘Top Guys’ omission from the company’s debut game.

However, despite what fans may think, FTR themselves re not upset by the situation and explained what’s going on to GiveMeSport:

"For us, the only real issue is we were kind of blindsided by it,” started Cash Wheeler. “We found out, not how you would expect. When you find out something like that, something major like being taken out of a video game, your mind automatically assumes the worst. For us, it was like, 'is this something we need to worry about? Should we read between the lines here. Were we not told for a reason? Now that we are aware and we are out, what is that reason? Is it something we should worry about?' We got an answer, it made a lot of sense, a very logical answer. Okay, cool, as long as we don't have to worry about it, non-issue. That's what it was. We've known about it since May, June, I don't know how long, but for months. The fact that it came out yesterday, no idea why. Don't know exactly what happened yesterday, don't know why it just now became a headline, but we've known about it for a while, we got answers on it a while ago and for us, it's not even an issue or thought about.”

Dax Harwood added, "The headline can be, 'FTR is not upset, FTR does not blame anyone for pulling us out of the game.' We heard about this, I want to say March, it was before the Briscoes match (at ROH Supercard of Honor) and we heard about it a long time ago. I had someone message me, one of the journalists messaged me and said, 'Is this true?' I thought I did respond to him. The first thing I did is text Cash, obviously. 'Have you heard about this?' 'No, let's text Tony (Khan) and find out.' We text Tony, we went through the right chain of commands. We text Tony, talked to him. Legal texted us, talked with them a bit, we got our answer, and it was a non-issue. We wanted to make sure we weren't doing something wrong and if there was something we could do to correct that, let us know. Months later, this article comes out, I couldn't believe it didn't come out in March. It blindsided both of us. I don't care to be in the video game. My worry is leaving a legacy, having fun with my best friend, and on top of all that, taking care of Maria [Wife] and Finley [Daughter].”

Fans took to social media to voice their support for FTR, but did it feel good to FTR themselves?

"Yes and no,” responded Wheeler. “It's awesome to know that people care about it that much, but to see the side that does and the side that doesn't going back and forth and having all this unnecessary blame and talking really poorly about one side or really poorly about the other side when really it should be a non-issue. I love that they're upset, as far as they care about us, but I really hate the toxic environment it creates between people fighting over it because it isn't an issue and hasn't been. It's cool they care about us, but I hate that it has to come at the expense of people fighting too.”

"For me, it was very cool, and I'll tell you this because I've told a lot of people this about us turning babyface,” interjected Harwood. “For so long in my life, before my wife, I didn't feel loved, as corny as that sounds. I don't think I knew exactly what the feeling of real love was because I never felt it. I had best friends and a great mom and dad, but my dad was a hard ass, he's apologised since I've had my daughter, but he was a hard ass and never really showed me that love and affection. My mom was working all the time too so we never really got to connect. We were together but we never got to connect. I don't think for so long that I knew what real love was. When we turned babyface, I got real love from the fans. That was the coolest thing to me. I'm embracing this babyface turn. I don't care if that's corny. To log on and see so many people upset that we had been pulled, it made me feel good. That's love."

In closing, FTR said the following:

Cash: “If it helps settle things, thank you for caring about us, but please don't be upset for us. it's not an issue and there will be a chance to use us anyway. Thank you, but please stop fighting.”

Dax: “But please tell me how much you love me because I love that.”

Cash: “That's fine. Put us over all you want, but stop hating everything, please. Can't we all just get along?”

H/T: Fightful

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