FTR Says Eric Bischoff Is "Mad" Because Tony Khan Didn't Hire Him

FTR put Eric Bischoff's AEW criticism down to the fact that he wasn't given a job

Eric Bischoff is no stranger to creating headlines, especially when it comes to Tony Khan. He hasn’t been shy in his outspoken criticism of Khan and AEW, and that has rubbed some people up the wrong way. This includes former two-time AEW World Tag Team Champions Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler on FTR.

The pair did not rinse their words as they discussed their thoughts on people like Bischoff during an interview with Jeff Snyder.

"You got all these old-time, miserable podcasters like Eric Bischoff and some of the others who make a living just by going on their podcasts and burying Tony and AEW when they know that AEW is a place where business is thriving… I think he’s really mad that Tony wouldn’t give him a job the few times he was there to collect the paycheck.”

It was also followed up on by Harwood that certain names spoke highly of AEW initially, but when they didn’t get a job, negative feedback started emerging from their mouths. Bischoff made a few cameo appearances on AEW programming during the pandemic era, but has not featured for a few years now. 

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