Gangrel Reveals His Favourite Taylor Swift Song

Gangrel is apparently a ‘Swifty’

He’s the most prominent vampire in wrestling history, and a proponent for fanging and banging, but it appears that Gangrel is also a ‘Swifty’ with The Brood’s founder revealing his admiration for Taylor Swift’s music.

The seemingly unlikely confession arose when Gangrel was asked if his @gangrel13 handle on Twitter was ripped-off by Swift’s @taylorswift13 profile, with the WWE Attitude Era star saying the following on Jeremy Lambert and Joel Pearl’s In the Weeds podcast:

"I'm not paying tribute to TSwizzle either, but I do like her. I just heard that the other day, that 13 was her lucky number, and I went, 'Oh, that's so cool,’” said Gangrel.

When pressed as to what his favourite Taylor Swift song was Gangrel had only one answer:

"You're going to kill me, but it's Shake It Off,” said Gangrel in reference to the certified banger.

This isn’t the only thing linking Taylor Swift to the weird and wonderful world of professional wrestling, as Swift used to babysit Jeff Jarrett’s kids. No, really.

Gangrel is set to appear at NORTH Wrestling Thunderstruck in Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s Walker Dome on July 15 2023. Tickets available here.

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