Goldberg Criticises Today's Wrestling, Says It Lacks Depth

Though he does believe today's wrestlers are doing a good job, despite the issues.

Goldberg believes it used to be better. 

During a recent appearance on the Chicago Sports Podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer was asked to compare today's product to that of his Monday Night Wars heyday. 

"The internal storylines, I don't think, are better. The characters, I surely know aren't better. The guys that are doing their thing right now and leading the charge, they're doing a damn good job, they're just not deep. That's all. They just aren't deep. It's hard to have a couple different people carrying the flag and be able to hand it off to a proper person and keep...I'm trying to keep this as vanilla as possible. It's tough to have the depth. I think they're lacking in that area. That's all. Period, end of story. I don't like getting into it, I don't like people talking sh*t," he said. 

The 56-year-old last wrestled at WWE Elimination Chamber 2022, where he lost to Universal Champion Roman Reigns. He was reportedly paid $2 million for the match. 

Earlier this year, Goldberg said how he felt his character deserved a proper send-off and was considering promoting a four-city farewell tour. 

AEW co-owner Tony Khan has a good relationship with the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and has had talks with him in the past. 

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