GUNTHER Addresses Possible WWE Match With Roman Reigns

GUNTHER and Roman Reigns have never had a singles match in WWE

GUNTHER and Roman Reigns are the two most dominant champions in WWE, with the Intercontinental and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion respectively battering through every opponent who steps up to the plate.

But what happens when the two eventually clash?

Roman and GUNTHER are yet to face off in singles action, but during a conversation with Mike Jones, ‘Der Ring General’ insisted he’s in no rush to go toe-to-toe with ‘The Tribal Chief’;

“I think there’s no rush with that (match with Roman Reigns). I think he’s doing his thing right now and I’m very focused on doing my thing so, didn’t really have an urge to, like seek out for that confrontation yet but like you said, down the line, that’s definitely one of the matches that fans are looking forward to,” said GUNTHER.

Indeed GUNTHER’s focus is currently on Night of Champions on May 27, with Mustafa Ali looking to take the Intercontinental Championship away from the Imperium leader’s iron grip.

H/T: POST Wrestling

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