IMPACT Slammiversary 2022 Results

All the results from IMPACT Slammiversary 2022

On the 20-year anniversary of TNA's first show, IMPACT Wrestling held the Slammiversary pay-per-view at the home of the TNA Asylum, the Nashville Fairgrounds in Nashville, Tennessee. 

The promotion produced an entertaining show that paid homage to IMPACT's past, while also showcasing the company's current crop of talent. 

Check out what happened at Slammiversary below:

Rich Swann (c) def. Brian Myers – Digital Media Championship – Countdown to Slammiversary

In the first match of the night, Brian Myers challenged Rich Swann for the IMPACT Digital Media Title on the pre-show, only a few weeks after Swann defeated Matt Cardona for the gold.

Brian Myers dominated much of the action and he looked to have the match won after he connected with a Spear but Swann managed to kick out at two. Myers then decided to talk some trash and it quickly backfired as Swann fought back with a Lethal Injection and a 450 Splash for the win. 

Shark Boy wins the Reverse Battle Royal – Countdown to Slammiversary

The infamous Reverse Battle Royal returned for the 20-year anniversary of IMPACT Wrestling in which talents had to fight to get into the ring. 

The 16 wrestlers included the likes of Steve Maclin, Johnny Swinger, Zicky Dice, and Chris Bey, as well as the returns of the likes of Slash and Shark Boy.

The match ultimately came down to Shark Boy and Johnny Swinger and the popular babyface picked up the win with a Stunner. Oh shell yeah!

'Speedball' Mike Bailey def. Ace Austin (c), Alex Zayne, Trey Miguel, Kenny King, & Andrew Everett - Ultimate X Match for the X-Division Championship

In his first match since performing in NJPW’s Best Of The Super Juniors 29 tournament and joining Bullet Club, Ace Austin defended the X-Division Championship in the opening contest of the Slammiversary card in an Ultimate X Match. 

Jack Evans was originally scheduled to make his IMPACT return in the match but it was announced ahead of the pay-per-view that he had not been cleared to compete and had been replaced by Andrew Everett. 

In what was the 47th Ultimate X Match in the promotion's history, according to Tom Hannifan, it didn't take long for the big spots to begin as Alex Zayne quickly hit the rest of the field with an Asai Moonsault before more big dives to the outside took place from the likes of Andrew Everett and Ace Austin.

After more exciting moves, Andrew Everett looked set to win the gold as he, Mike Bailey, and Ace Austin were hanging from the overhead ropes but Bailey sent Everett crashing to the mat below with a Head Scissors. Alex Zayne then became involved and the issues between him and Ace Austin came into effect as Mike Bailey managed to knock them both down from the ropes. 

Speedball then used his strength to sit on the top of the overhead ropes and he grabbed the X-Division Championship to win the gold. 

Following the opening contest, a video message from Sting aired in which he reflected on his TNA run, including his time as Joker Sting, and matches against the likes of Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Jeff Jarrett, and Abyss. 

Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie def. The Influence (c) – Knockouts World Tag Team Championships 

A tag team reunited in the second match of Slammiversary as Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie challenged The Influence's Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood for the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles. 

Both teams enjoyed time on top and it looked like The Influence had the match won with a Collab to Rosemary. When Madison Rayne went to pin Rosemary, though, the Decay member fired up and she suddenly decked Rayne with a Sit-Out Butterfly Cradle Drop for the win, ending The Influence's reign after 106 days. 

Sami Callihan def. Moose – Monster's Ball Match

In the third match of Slammiversary, Sami Callihan looked to exact revenge on the man who broke his ankle last year in Moose and both men embraced the carnage of Monster's Ball inside the TNA Asylum. 

Moose and Callihan had been locked in a room for 24 hours before their match and Moose struggled to see during his entrance after spending so long in a dark room. It only got worse as Sami Callihan suddenly attacked The Wrestling God from behind, starting Monster's Ball early. 

Sami initially connected with some shots with two baking trays but Moose soon fought back with a trash can. The former NFL player then left a fan enraged after he grabbed her hot dog and ate it. When the camera came back to Callihan, blood was streaming down his face and The Death Machine soon found himself being put through a table with a Uranage from Moose. 

Next, Moose went to Pillmanise Sami's ankle but Callihan avoided it and he blocked a Lights Out attempt from Moose with a trash can, with Moose actually getting stuck in the rubbish bin. Moose managed to escape but he was then sent crashing from the top rope through a table on the outside and Callihan looked to press home his advantage as he went for a Tornado DDT on a pile of thumbtacks.   

Moose countered, though, with a Sky-High Spinebuster on the tacks. The Wrestling God then set up for Lights Out through a barbed-wire door but Callihan caught him and followed up with a Death Valley Driver through the door for a near fall. 

Both men exchanged bin lid shots to the head soon after and Callihan hit a Clothesline on the tacks before a Cactus Driver '97 on the pile. Somehow, Moose kicked out, though. Callihan went for the Cactus Driver once again, only for him to be cut down by a Low Blow. Moose then tried to follow up but Callihan hit a Powerbomb on a trash can before a second Cactus Diver '97. 

Moose kicked out at one! as the crowd in the arena chanted his name but Sami fired back with a barbed wire bat before a third Cactus Driver, finally for the win. 

The Good Brothers def. The Briscoes (c) – IMPACT World Tag Team Championships

In a feud that quickly became personal, Bullet Club's The Good Brothers and The Briscoes looked to settle their issues over the IMPACT World Tag Team Championships. 

It didn't take long for the big moves to begin as The Briscoes hit stereo Sentons over the top rope to the outside, knocking down Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, as the champions dominated the early going. 

Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows soon fought back, though, using a steel chair for good measure while the official was distracted. The match became an even contest from there, although The Briscoes thought they had the match won following a Neckbreaker-Powerbomb combination to Anderson, but Machine Gun managed to kick out.

The champions then went for a Doomsday Device but The Good Brothers countered into a super Gun Stun from Anderson to put Mark Briscoe out of commission. With Jay isolated, The Good Brothers pressed home their advantage and connected with Magic Killer to become three-time IMPACT World Tag Team Champions. 

After the match, both teams stood face-to-face until America's Most Wanted returned! James Storm said The Briscoes and The Good Brothers only knew how to do two things - fight and drink. Everyone then had a beer except Chris Harris, who had a refreshing water, in celebration of IMPACT Wrestling.

An emotional video package honouring Mike Tenay and Don West took place before the next contest, describing them as the embodiment of TNA Wrestling. 

IMPACT Originals (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Frankie Kazarian, Nick Aldis, & Davey Richards) def. Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Vincent, PCO, Mike Bennett, & Matt Taven)

IMPACT Wrestling was celebrated next as IMPACT Originals Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Frankie Kazarian, Nick Aldis, and a mystery partner faced Honor No More, the faction that had dominated the promotion since they debuted at Hard To Kill in January. 

Before the match, Christy Hemme served as the special ring announcer while Scott D'Amore, dressed as Team Canada's Coach D'Amore, joined Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt on commentary. 

Former TNA President Dixie Carter then returned to IMPACT and introduced Davey Richards as the fifth member of IMPACT Originals, which prompted a furious reaction from his former Wolves tag team partner Eddie Edwards. 

An entertaining chaotic match then followed before Maria Kanellis tried to get involved in the final minutes. She was taken out by Traci Brooks, though, who was making her own return to IMPACT. Kenny King then looked to interfere but he was taken out by an Aces & Eights-adorned D'Lo Brown following a Sky-High Spinebuster and Frog Splash. 

All this was taking place while referee Brian Hebner was down on the outside but Earl Hebner suddenly revealed he had a referee shirt underneath his t-shirt and he hopped over the barricade and counted the 1-2-3 after Chris Sabin decked PCO with a Cradle Shock. 

Jordynne Grace def. Tasha Steelz (c), Mia Yim, Chelsea Green, & Deonna Purrazzo - Queen Of The Mountain Match for the Knockouts World Championship

History was made in the next match of Slammiversary as the first Queen Of The Mountain Match took place with the Knockouts World Championship on the line. Mickie James served as the special guest enforcer. 

Knockouts World Champion Tasha Steelz took a battering in the opening minutes of the match and she was sent to the penalty box twice after being pinned by Chelsea Green and submitted by Deonna Purrazzo. Mia Yim also managed to become eligible along with Purrazzo and Green after pinning the former Laurel Van Ness. 

Later, Green and Purrazzo both scaled the ladder with the Knockouts World Title and they were about to brawl over who would win the match before Mia Yim sent them crashing through two tables on the outside after pushing over the ladder. 

This move quickly backfired on Yim, though, as she was pinned by Tasha Steelz and Jordynne Grace at the same time, sending her to the penalty box. The match came down to Grace and Steelz as a result and it was Thick Momma Pump who gained the upper hand as she pinned the Knockouts World Champion with a Muscle Buster.

This left Grace all alone and she scaled the ladder and clipped the Knockouts World Title over the contraption to kick off her second reign as Knockouts World Champion. 

Josh Alexander (c) def. Eric Young – IMPACT World Championship

In the main event of Slammiversary, who would lead IMPACT Wrestling into the future was up for grabs as Josh Alexander and Eric Young went one-on-one for the IMPACT World Championship. 

Both men paid homage to the history of TNA/IMPACT throughout the contest as Josh Alexander hit Samoa Joe's Face Wash, a Best Moonsault Ever, and a Styles Clash, while Eric Young connected with Jeff Jarrett's The Stroke finisher, and a Black Hole Slam - the move made famous by Abyss. 

Alexander later looked to have the match won as he applied the Ankle Lock and grapevined the leg. EY even tapped out but Deaner saved the matchup for the Violent By Design leader as he threw powder into Brian Hebner's eyes, blinding the referee. 

This led to Alexander having to fight off interference and he put Joe Doering out of commission with an Olympic Slam from the apron through a table on the outside. The Walking Weapon then dealt with Deaner by decking him with a hockey stick. This allowed Young time to recover, though, and he decimated the champion with a hellacious guitar shot but Alexander somehow kicked out at 2.9. 

Young still looked to press home his advantage as he ripped up the canvas to expose the wooden floor inside the squared circle and he proceeded to connect with a Piledriver on the wood. It still wasn't enough to put Alexander away, however, and the champion escaped an Avalanche Piledriver attempt from Young and fought back with a Uranage before he followed up with a C4 Spike on the wooden floor for the 1-2-3. 

Josh Alexander then celebrated as an entertaining Slammiversary pay-per-view went off the air. 

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