IMPACT Wrestling Results - April 29, 2021: The Fallout From Rebellion

The build to IMPACT Under Siege has begun

As the wrestling world reeled from Kenny Omega's huge win at IMPACT Rebellion, the first IMPACT Wrestling show after the event began the quest to find his next #1 contender and set three matches for IMPACT Under Siege.

With AEW's Omega now holding the IMPACT World Championship, Thursday's show opened with the IMPACT locker-room crowded around Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore’s office, clamouring for a shot at the new champion. D'Amore sends them all to the ring so he can address the situation before warning Don Callis that, now Omega is the IMPACT World Champion, he has to be at the show every single week. 

D'Amore then meets the IMPACT roster in the IMPACT Zone, thanking Rich Swann for his efforts at Rebellion before saying that, because there is no rematch clause, he needs to find a new contender to Omega and the IMPACT World Championship. D'Amore announces a six-way match for IMPACT Under Siege, with qualifiers over the next two weeks. However, if Omega does not make it to the IMPACT Zone before the close of the show, he will be stripped of the Championship and the match at Under Siege will be used to crown a new champion!

Qualification action kicks off the evening's matches as Jake Something faces the returning Chris Bey. A quick back-and-forth match sees Bey get the win by rolling up Something, following a distraction from Rohit, and putting his feet on the ropes for the tainted victory.

We head backstage as Callis urges Omega to take the private jet and get himself to the IMPACT Zone. He is interrupted by Sami Callihan, who warns he is coming for the World Championship. 

Taylor Wilde is being interviewed about her return to IMPACT Wrestling, only for Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb With A K to interrupt. Dashwood pitches a partnership, but Wilde says she is back in IMPACT for one reason - to become Knockouts Champion. 

New IMPACT signing W. Morrissey heads out to the ring, having shocked the world by showing up at Rebellion. He says the world is full of bad people, and he is one of them. He then attacks his opponent for the evening, Sam Beale, with a vicious splash before hitting a punt kick on the top turnbuckle. A huge powerbomb secures the very quick win for Morrissey. 

Back to backstage and Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo tells Kimber Lee and Susan to deal with Taylor Wilde without her. As she turns to leave the interview, she runs into Havok, and the two have a stare-down.

Willie Mack believes W. Morrissey took a few liberties with him at Rebellion on Sunday in the tag-team match, and challenges him to a singles match at IMPACT Under Siege.

Taylor Wilde is in the ring for her first match in a decade in IMPACT. She faces Kimber Lee, who gains an early advantage with a running drop-kick. Wilde tries to use her speed to get back into the match but Lee distracts the referee, allowing Susan to attack her in the ropes. Lee hits a modified jawbreaker and a spinning leg kick to get a two count, before going for a senton. Wilde gets her knees up and locksin her modified figure four submission hold to make her opponent tap out.

Susan tries to attack Wilde after the match, only for Dashwood to make the save! Wilde still isn't sure about Tenille Dashwood's intentions, however.

Moose is backstage, asking D'Amore why he has to qualify for the match at Under Siege. He clearly doesn't like the answer, grabbing hold and threatening the Executive Vice President. In comes his opponents in the qualifier next week, James Storm, for the save.

Back down to the ring for X-Division Championship action as Josh Alexander defends his newly won title against Ace Austin. He delivers a Northern Lights Suplex and a nasty Backbreaker for a two-count, before Austin connects with a Jackknife pin attempt for a two of his own. Ace knocks Alexander down with a Hurricanrana before Alexander gives him a German Suplex. Airplane Slam for a two-count, before an Ankle Lock on Austin. He's able to get out and stomps at Alexander in the corner. Alexander hits a World's Strongest Slam on the apron. Austin goes up top, jumps down to Alexander, only to be caught in a Powerbomb which is turned into the Ankle Lock. Austin taps out.

Callis is still backstage, trying to find out where Omega is. In comes Johnny Swinger, who talks about owing Callis $20,000. Callis says the debt is repaid if he can find someone to pick up Omega from the airport and bring him to the IMPACT Zone. 

New Knockout Tag Champions Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering are backstage. They are confronted by former champions, Fire 'N Flava, who want their rematch for the belts at Under Siege.

Our fifth match of the evening is another Qualifier as Matt Cardona faces Brian Myers. Cardona sweeps Myers into the guardrail before the bell rings, with Myers then focusing on Cardona's bad knee. He uses the steel steps to drop him on his bad knee, before locking in a leg lock and wrapping the knee around the ring post. Cardona battles back to hit a Missile Dropkick but Myers hits a nasty DDT for a two-count. Myers sizes him up for the Roster Cut, but Cardona counters in Radio Silence for the win! 

We then head into our main event for the night as Sami Callihan takes on Eddie Edwards in a Qualifier. Callihan takes the early control but Edwards battles back, throwing his opponent into the turnbuckle and hitting a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two. Callihan counters the Boston Knee Party into a Pop-Up Powerbomb but out comes IMPACT World Champion Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers, who attack both men to cause a disqualification. 

The Good Brothers take out both Callihan and Edwards with a pair of Magic Killers. Omega is setting up for the V-Trigger when IMPACT World Tag Team Champions FinJuice hit the ring, only for the numbers game to see them fall too. 

IMPACT Wrestling goes off the air with Omega, The Good Brothers and Callis standing tall.

Check out the full results from the show below:

• Chris Bey def. Jake Something - Six-Way #1 Contenders Match Qualifier
• W. Morrissey def. Sam Beale
• Taylor Wilde def. Kimber Lee w/Susan
• Josh Alexander (c) def. Ace Austin w/Madman Fulton - X-Division Championship 
• Matt Cardona def. Brian Myers - Six-Way #1 Contenders Match Qualifier
• Sami Callihan def. Eddie Edwards (via DQ) - Six-Way #1 Contenders Match Qualifier

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