IMPACT Wrestling's Heath Gives Injury Update

He's been on the shelf since Bound For Glory 2020

IMPACT Wrestling initially had plans for Heath to win the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Bound For Glory 2020, but the former WWE Superstar picked up an injury during the match and he has been out of action ever since. 

Heath went for tests following the injury and they discovered he was suffering from a variety of other problems. He then underwent surgery on March 1. 

Heath has been recovering from the surgery over the last six weeks and he gave an update on when he might return during an appearance on The Angle Podcast.

"I just had surgery March 1. It was way more than what we were expecting. I guess that's what happens when you go 15 years of wrestling and pushing through everything. At first, everyone thought it was just a hernia. Next thing you know, with all these MRIs I got done, I had a sports hernia on the left side of my pubic bone, an alteration hernia on the right side, I ripped my abductor muscle off the bone, my abdomen wall was completely ripped to where they had to mesh all of that back," Heath said. 

"There was another muscle, I can't even pronounce the name of it, that they had to suture back. It was one of those things to where it was, 'what the hell?' Thank God, I found a doctor at Duke named Dr. Novick. It took six hours to get it all done," he continued.

"The road to recovery is a gonna be a little bumpy. The doctor told me that he didn't know. I go back April 8 to get looked at and then I start rehab a couple of weeks after that. Once I start rehab, that's when we'll be able to tell [when I can return]."

H/T to Fightful for the transcription

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