Indi Hartwell Comments On Winning The WWE NXT Women's Championship

Indi Hartwell finally landed the NXT Women’s Championship at Stand & Deliver 2023

After several years in NXT, Indi Hartwell finally landed the big one, claiming the NXT Women’s Championship at the end of a gruelling six-woman Ladder Match at Stand & Deliver on April 1.

The victory was well deserved, and during a conversation with The Daily Mail, Hartwell reflected on her monumental win:

“I've honestly never experienced anything like it,” Hartwell beamed. “I didn't think I'd get emotional, but I did. I had a long journey to get here. I've been in NXT coming up four years this year and I was wrestling through the pandemic with no fans, so to have that moment in front of them was very special.”

Whilst prominently featured in the final days of NXT’s historic black and gold era as part of The Way, Hartwell’s fortunes have been mixed following the group’s split:

“The past year has not been the best for Indi Wrestling - me, being Indi Wrestling. So I know I had a lot of people behind me. I know when I go out there for NXT every week and our live events and stuff I have everyone behind me, I see online the support I get. I felt it, I did. The way you put it is really how it felt - finding my feet.” Hartwell admitted. “I was finding my feet without my family so I think it was pretty much after I had the wedding with Dexter, Candice got pregnant so she wasn't there, it was kind of a weird time. Then The Way went their separate ways.

“Being on my own was definitely something new for me and it was hard to become comfortable being on my own and standing on my own two feet. But this [the title win] makes that whole year, year-and-a-half on my own all worth it.”

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