Jack Perry Files To Trademark 'Jungle Boy'

Let the speculation commence...

Jack Perry is currently away from All Elite Wrestling programming but that doesn't mean the former FTW Champion hasn't remained busy.

It has emerged that Perry has filed to trademark 'Jungle Boy' with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on December 5. The trademark was filed for merchandising purposes as well as for use in pro wrestling, namely pro wrestling matches and performances. 

If Perry has just trademarked the term for future use in merchandise is unknown but a return to 'Jungle Boy' on AEW TV would be a surprise to many. 

Perry began wrestling as Jungle Boy back in 2016, using the name on the independents before he signed with All Elite Wrestling in 2019 as one of the promotion's original signings. He continued to perform exclusively as Jungle Boy until Christian Cage turned on him in the Summer of 2022, at which point the young star began to go by "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry due to the personal nature of the Christian feud. 

Perry maintained much of his Jungle Boy gimmick following the transition but he abandoned Jungle Boy completely after turning heel earlier this year, instead using classical music on his way to the ring and very much portraying a Hollywood spoiled brat. 

Jack Perry is currently off AEW TV and has been since All In. He was suspended without pay following the event due to a backstage altercation with CM Punk (that ultimately led to Punk's firing). As of last word, Perry's suspension had been lifted and AEW were simply figuring out what to do with the former tag team champion. 

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