Jake Roberts Reveals Unique Location He Had A Wrestling Match

Jake Roberts has certainly wrestled in some unique locations

Wrestlers are gonna wrestle, and as long as you have the cash then you can hire your preferred stars, no matter the location of your show.

Jake Roberts knows this fact better than most, and ‘The Snake’ revealed that he’s wrestled in some unique locations, saying the following to Steve Fall:

"On top of a department store in Tokyo. We were about 25 floors up so it was pretty odd and what makes it even crazier is there were only like 12 people there for a whole wrestling show. Then at the end of it, I found out that the owner of the building had requested a show for himself and his family so he paid for it.

“I’ve got one more. It was a cockfighting compound. Literally, whenever you came up on this place, it was out in the sticks, down in the hollow, and when you came up on it, there was a large crow's nest with automatic weapons. It was well guarded,” said Roberts.

Roberts didn’t mention if Damien helped himself to any delicious cockerel meat during the show.


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