Effy Reveals He Rejected The NWA Because Of Tyrus

Effy turned down an approach from the NWA

Effy is one of the most in-demand stars on the independent circuit, with the GCW mainstay plying his trade all over the Indies. One place you won’t be finding Effy anytime soon, though, is in the National Wrestling Alliance.

Speaking on Weekend at Effy’s, the Big Gay Brunch host didn’t hold back on his thoughts of the NWA:

“You know what I told Billy Corgan? I said go f*** yourself. They asked me to come work NWA. They begged. They had multiple people call me to come work NWA. You know what I said? ‘I’m not helping you’. They said ‘Tyrus isn’t here anymore’. You know what I said? ‘You leaned into what Tyrus was doing, which was hate speech and FOX News bulls***, for such a long period that it f***** you, and now you want Effy to come in and fix things and go a PR job? No. I’m not helping you. I don’t need you, and I’m not helping your company look competent’. Then what happens? You blow your TV deal with the CW because oh, the GCW guys are all smoking crack? Is that the rumour going around? No, the NWA guys are doing fake cocaine live on the air and getting pulled off of FITE TV and losing their TV deals. Oh my god. You want Effy to come in? Alright, well guess what? It’s as easy as giving me $50 million, you stupid dumbass piece of s***. Go be a rat in a cage, dumbass Billy Corgan, you f****** loser," Effy said.

Whilst Tyrus was on top in NWA as the World’s Heavyweight Champion he continued to host shows on FOX News, controversially stating his thoughts on pronouns, amongst other topics.

There was a controversial spot at the NWA Samhain pay-per-view in which Father James Mitchell and others alluded to taking cocaine during the broadcast. Billy Corgan has maintained that NWA's TV deals are still in place but there is reportedly frustration within NWA over his leadership

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