JBL: Why Wrestlers Find It Tough Being A Heel

"It's just tough to walk through the airport for some people and be called a name."

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield believes very few wrestlers like to actually be a proper heel because of the amount of hatred that can come with the role.

JBL spent almost all of his main-event run in WWE as a bad guy, winning the WWE Championship not long after splitting from Ron Simmons and taking on his new, heel character.

The WWE Hall Of Famer says he loved being a heel but believes most wrestlers don't like the abuse that can come with being a proper bad guy in WWE. 

However, Layfield does think that Randy Orton and The Miz are two guys currently in WWE who relish the role of being hated. 

Speaking in a Question And Answer Session on YouTube, Layfield said: "It's tough to find those people, cause very few people actually want to be a heel. Hot Rod Roddy Piper loved being a heel. Randy Orton...The Miz...I think those guys enjoy being the heel.

"Once you realize that it's part of the show and take your ego out...it's just tough to walk through the airport for some people and be called a name. Or to go on social media, which we didn't have back in the day, and see people bashing you. Bubba Ray Dudley always enjoyed being a heel.

"I loved being a heel, because you could control things so much easier."

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