Jeff Jarrett Happy To See Jay Lethal In AEW

Lethal made a surprise debut at Full Gear 2021

Jay Lethal signing with AEW seemingly came out of nowhere, with the former two-time Ring of Honor World Champion being the first talent to jump from ROH to a major company since ROH announced their hiatus.

Lethal also memorably had a long stint in TNA, and TNA founder Jeff Jarrett is happy to Lethal in AEW.

“As the proverbial saying goes, when one door closes another one opens and I could not be happier for my man, Jay Lethal I could not be happier,” said Jarrett on the Wrestling Inc. Daily. “He is one of the guys that I would be asked, ‘who is out there on the Ring Of Honor roster?’ Or really just out there. But Jay always re-upped with those guys and he had a sense of loyalty, so hats off to him.

“But I believe, and my track record speaks for itself when I was part of a decision-making team, Jay has unbelievable talent. He’s diverse, he can not just get it done in the ring, he can tell a story in the ring so many different ways, but he can talk. His impersonations are hilarious but they’re compelling. But that just shows sort of the range, like a singer. Jay can do a lot of things, and he can do a lot of things well. So I could not be happier for him.”

Jarrett continued, giving his thoughts on the upcoming ROH hiatus:

“There’s only one thing for certain in life and that’s change. I don’t know the ins and outs or the corporate battles of what Joe faces. When you look back, WCW getting canceled, was that specifically a wrestling decision? I don’t know about that one,” he said. “Here’s a better one, had UFC not left Fox, would WWE be on Fox Network on Friday nights on SmackDown? I don’t know. It’s definitely a question to ponder. Joe’s challenges, again I am on the way outside looking in, they bought all the sports networks, so it’s a Sinclair decision. I hate to see it.”

As for other ROH stars who could make their name elsewhere, Jarrett singled out Danhausen:

“I love him. A unique talent. It’s not a guarantee if you’re unique that you’re going to be successful, but in his case, you’re talking about him and I think that says a lot. You asked me, out of everybody out there right now, you asked me about him. I think the proof is in the pudding. I love him, he’s a unique talent, a unique skill set, he’s going places.”

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