Jeff Jarrett Says MJF & Sonjay Dutt Have The Mindset To Become Wrestling Promoters

Jeff Jarrett thinks Sonjay Dutt and MJF could make for great promoters

Jeff Jarrett has seen it all and done it all in wrestling, having worked for some of the biggest promoters and companies during his storied 35 year plus career.

Wrestling is in Jarrett’s blood, and the third generation star revealed on the My World podcast that he thinks Sonjay Dutt and MJF have great wrestling minds, tipping the two to become promoters should they so wish:

I think experience… at 35 years of age, I had a cumulative… I was blessed in a lot of ways. End of the territories, from 10, 11, 12 years old, whether it’s Lawler, Dundee, whoever the wrestlers, whatever it may be. I think you gotta have kind of a vision for it, but most of all, you gotta have a passion. Who would really want to do this? I think you gotta have a loose screw or two. But that really thinks through things and wants to do it… MJF. I’m literally trying to think," Jarrett said when asked who he thinks has the vision to be a successful promoter.

Jarrett continued, adding Dutt’s name to the mix before admitting they're the first two names that come to mind:

"You gotta want to do this, and you gotta kind of eat, breathe, sleep it, have a vision for creating the content. Sonjay’s got a well-rounded skill set. He’a actually been in the ring, and I’m not saying that’s the end all, be all, but an understanding of TV, an understanding of ring work, an understanding of producing. Kind of on the business side, you don’t really learn that until you dive in head-first and have some guidance. I don’t know, man. That’s a good question," Jarrett said.

Jarrett himself is no stranger to promoting, with both his grandmother and father promoting wrestling in the territories, whilst Jeff himself would go on to form NWA TNA in 2002 with father Jerry.

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