Jeff Jarrett Wants To Win A Title In AEW

Jeff Jarrett wants some gold in AEW

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that this is Jeff Jarrett’s world, and ‘The Last Outlaw’ usually gets what he wants in the end.

A former multi-time WCW and NWA World Heavyweight Champion, and decorated WWE Hall of Famer, it seems like Jarrett has done it all in wrestling. But during an appearance on AEW Unrestricted, Jarrett revealed he wants an AEW championship to add to his Jarrett gold haul:

"I'll get real here. I'm a two-time Hall of Famer, 12-time former World Heavyweight Champion, multiple other belts and tags and championships and all that. I want some gold. It's really that simple, whether it's tag or singles.

“But with that being said, at the very top of the list is, I've known Jay Lethal literally since he broke in. I want to see him succeed. I've gotten to know Satnam very well as a human, as a person. The potential upside of Satnam Singh goes without saying, and I've said this multiple times, I believe he has the most upside of any individual on our roster. The reason I say that is the country of India. The name of his documentary on Netflix, 'One in a Billion.' I mean, it is very appropriately titled. He is truly one in a billion. I say that, yes, he is one of a billion people in India, but you don't find seven foot four, super athletic, former basketball players, collectively as a group, are the best group of athletes in the world. I put wrestlers as two. I've always said that. As a group, you ask us and look at us across the board whether it's Omega, Penta, or Phoenix, or Brody King, look at all of us as a group what we do. I mean, there's people that come in from Hollywood, stuntmen that have been doing it, and they're like, 'There ain't no way I'm going to do that, and y'all did this with no rehearsal, and you're gonna go do this again tomorrow night?’

“Anyway, Satnam Singh with his basketball background and his footwork, being from India, he's very charismatic, he is bilingual, there is so much upside. I'll just say this. This is what we all are as talent, the opportunity to generate revenue, he is a one-in-a-billion opportunity that I see a lot of great things in his future. So at the top of my goal is not just gold, it's really Jay and Satnam,” said Jarrett.


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