Jim Ross Planning To Return For AEW X NJPW Forbidden Door

AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2024 could feature a Jim Ross return

Legendary pro-wrestling commentator Jim Ross has revealed he is aiming to return to the booth for AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door III on June 30, with JR having been absent due to ill health.

The veteran announcer signed a one-year contract extension with All Elite Wrestling in March, working exclusively on AEW pay-per-view broadcasts. JR missed Double or Nothing in May due to shortness of breath, and on the Grilling JR podcast, Ross revealed his current condition:

"Well, I'm in Oklahoma, which it might be obvious… that's good for me,” said Ross. “I flew out here 2 weeks ago thinking it was time to come home and evaluate everything. But on the way here, I contracted a virus, which was not cool. So the guy that helps me here and runs my website, Steven Link, he picked me up and brought me home and I was feeling really bad. I don't know why I got to feeling bad. So, we went to the emergency medical thing. They admitted me to the hospital right away. So that was kind of scary. I stayed in the hospital here in Oklahoma for 3 nights I think it was. I was diagnosed as having I think they called it virus A or something along those lines. I struggled a little bit for 3 days. But I got over the hump like I always do. It seems like I always kick out. I can't do any jobs, you know, not in Oklahoma."

Ross continued: "I stayed in the hospital a few days. The beautiful part I realised is I have two daughters that are very helpful and one especially is helpful because she's a licensed physician assistant so she can interpret all the doctor stuff and all that. That's been really good. So I got out of the hospital, obviously. I'm not there now and feeling better. It was a viral thing. I wasn't prepared for it quite frankly. I had to get on oxygen. I had an oxygen unit in my home. Still do. I'm not using it because I don't need it. So I had a little challenge but that's the way it is."

As for his upcoming schedule, Ross revealed he has some appearances coming up, including Forbidden Door:

"The next time I'm going on the road will be for the AEW pay-per-view so I'm gonna resume my schedule. So I'll be at the next pay-per-view, as far as I know. If Tony Khan doesn't want me there then he'll tell me but that's not been the case. He's been very supportive, which I appreciate. He's been a really good boss in that respect and I appreciate that. He doesn't have to be as nice to me as he is but he's very nice and I'm very appreciative," said Ross.


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