Jim Ross Reveals Steve Austin & CM Punk Are Regularly Checking In On His Cancer Treatment

Ross is undergoing radiation treatment

Jim Ross has revealed that Steve Austin and CM Punk are constantly checking up on him as he undergoes skin cancer treatment. 

Good Ol' JR is in the middle of his radiation treatment for skin cancer and has seen a host of iconic names in wrestling reach out and offer their support. The AEW commentator has now revealed how WWE Hall Of Famer Austin and AEW's Punk are always giving him support.

Speaking during the latest episode of his Grilling JR podcast, he said: "It’s so wonderful that I’m getting so many text messages and all this wonderful stuff on social [media] from some of the biggest stars in wrestling. I think some people were surprised that The Rock sent me a tweet, well, I wasn’t. Did I appreciate it? You’re damn right I appreciate it.

"He doesn’t owe me that, he’s busy as hell and one of the biggest stars in the world taking a moment out of his day to tweet me. That’s the wrestling business that I love, I’ve got a lot of talent that are supportive of my situation right now.

"Steve [Austin] checks on me and tries to see if I’m doing what I need to do to get healthy. He’s great. CM Punk is another guy who’s there to check on me and I appreciate that because Phil’s got a lot on his mind as well and he’s a very complex guy. Very talented, as we all know. It’s just wonderful, quite frankly. I’m always amazed at how many people reach out because it’s very helpful.

"If you only knew when you’re sitting in an empty place and you start to wonder about different things. Letting your mind wander to a bad place, then you read your timeline, it takes you right out of it. Sounds simplistic but it’s a fact."

H/T Wrestling Inc.

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