John Cena: Roman Reigns Is Currently The Best He's Ever Been In WWE

"Roman is crafting his own path, and I think it's very important to say that he's doing a great job."

John Cena has hailed Roman Reigns as doing his best-ever work in WWE during his most recent run. 

Reigns, since turning heel and aligning with Paul Heyman last summer, has developed into one of WWE's most-assured promos on the microphone and consistently engaging performers. 'The Head Of The Table' is enjoying a fine run as Universal Champion, which was cemented with a dominant win in the main event of WrestleMania 37. 

It's a way-off from the Reigns who Cena battled with heading into and at No Mercy 2017, when the legendary Cena cut him down to size with a now iconic promo. Reigns would win the one-off match however. 

Cena has been watching Reigns closely and now feels we are seeing the very best of the 'The Big Dog'.

He told Bleacher Report: "Roman is walking in his own steps, he follows in no one's footsteps. This happens every time a marquee attraction has moved on. I went through it, everybody said it with Steve [Austin] and The Rock and I understand that. But Roman is crafting his own path, and I think it's very important to say that he's doing a great job. 

"I feel this is the best he's ever been and that comes with comfort. I don't know what got him over that hill, but he's over it and that's a very important one to jump over."

Cena would compare Reigns' rise to the very top to his own, saying the 'Tribal Chief' has finally found his comfort in the person he is inside of a WWE ring.

He added: "I just went out there comfortable with who I was and comfortable even if I failed. Taking brave choices and those brave choices haven't stopped and aren't stopping today as I continue to try to challenge myself. 

"Roman has hit that point and that is, for audiences, a beautiful thing. Now he's going to challenge himself and entertain the audience in ways they didn't think he was capable of."

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