Johnny Gargano Debuts New Version Of 'Rebel Heart'

Johnny Gargano has a slightly different 'Rebel Heart'

Johnny Gargano had an altered entrance theme on this week's edition of Monday Night Raw. 

Gargano has used 'Rebel Heart' throughout his time as a babyface in WWE - only using 'Comin Back For You' during his time as a heel in 2020 and 2021 as part of The Way. 'Rebel Heart' was noticeably different this week, though, as the opening riff had been changed and the song is now sung by a man instead of a woman. 

The new theme music didn't go down well with fans on Twitter, with many criticising the change. 

Why Gargano's theme music was changed is unknown but the original 'Rebel Heart' was produced by CFO$ and WWE have tried to move away from entrance themes produced by the group in recent years. This comes after CFO$ and WWE stopped working together in 2020 after the publisher rejected a WWE offer to buy out the group from their contract. 

Gargano is in his second WWE run, having returned to the company in August 2022. He is currently feuding with The Miz on WWE TV and they were scheduled to go one-on-one on Raw but The A-Lister claimed he had suffered an injury filming TikTok videos. Gargano faced Omos instead and he suffered a quick loss to The Nigerian Giant.

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