Jon Moxley: Joining AEW Wasn't An Easy Decision, It Was Scary

Moxley debuted for AEW in May 2019

Jon Moxley has revealed his decision to make the jump to All Elite Wrestling in 2019 'wasn't a super easy decision' and was actually a 'very scary' one to make.

Moxley departed WWE at the end of his contract in April 2019 and was the first real big star to move over to AEW following its formation, debuting at the close of Double Or Nothing 2019 in May and attacking Kenny Omega.

While many feel like the move to the new start-up seemed obvious for Moxley to make, the former Dean Ambrose has revealed the choice wasn't as easy at it seemed, having not been familiar with what the promotion was doing. 

It wasn't until Moxley chatted with Chris Jericho that he understood just how legit AEW was going to be.

Speaking in an interview with Wrestling Observer Radio, Moxley said: "I didn't know AEW existed. I was already out the door. It was timing. I think what people don't understand is that it wasn't a super easy decision to go to AEW. It wasn't easy at all. It was actually very scary to go to AEW.

"The timing was so crazy. It was almost like, I didn't choose this, the Universe chose me. Like, I would be like a p***y if I didn't take this opportunity. Of all people, at this exact moment in time and this crazy crossroads of pro wrestling with all this sh*t going down, there's this chance for one person to step in and do this, and you were the guy the universe picked.

"It wasn't an easy decision to sign with AEW. A lot of people think, 'You left WWE and just worked for another company. It wasn't a risk.' It was down to wire before that original Double or Nothing. I was trying to figure out who I was as a pro wrestler still. The AEW thing was scary. I didn't know who these people are, I didn't want it to be another WWE and just sign some contract. I just got out of a divorce and jump right into another marriage when I don't know this person? I didn't know Tony. I met Tony a couple of weeks before Double or Nothing.

"Jericho was a big help. He was the first guy I talked to about it. AEW, I didn't think it was a big deal. I thought it was an Indie. Just another place I could work on the weekend. I didn't know where they ran. It didn't hit my radar like at all. That's when I talked to Jericho and he was, 'No, this is a real thing. I signed here. They have real money.' I had no idea. I was in such a bad state and I was just trying to get through the contract.

"I was not in a good mental space. I had no clue what was going on in the outside world. I had grown to hate wrestling so much that I wasn't paying attention to the outside world. I didn't even watch the shows I was on. I walked in, did what I needed to do, and got out of there. It was a wild time when I left WWE, to catch up with what was going on. It wasn't a sure thing I would sign with AEW. I'm f**king glad I did, obviously. It was all fate."

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