Jon Moxley Names Bryan Danielson As The Best Wrestler Ever

“Tell me he's not. He's the f****** man.”

If Jon Moxley defeats Orange Cassidy in the AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament then he faces a showdown in the finals against Bryan Danielson. And ahead of a potential bout between the two, Moxley has proclaimed Danielson as the best wrestler ever.

Moxley set out his stall on Wrestling Observer Radio, commenting on the prowess of both Danielson and Eddie Kingston following their semi-final clash on AEW Rampage:

"It's probably my favourite match I've ever watched in my life. I’m super biased because it's my best friend and I love Bryan. I believe Bryan is the greatest wrestler that has ever lived. Tell me he's not. He's the f****** man, and I love Eddie so much. I was f****** hyped.”

As much as Moxley respects Danielson though, he is still a Kingston man through and through:

“When me and Eddie have big matches, we basically corner each other,” continued Moxley “The presence of Eddie makes me better. Sometimes he gets a little hyped up and he hypes me up too much when I'm trying to stay zen. I was like, 'I'm going to corner Eddie for this match.' I didn't go out to the ring with him, but I'm there with him until he goes through the curtain. I'm watching him go through his process. His process is slightly different from mine, but he gets into his own zone and it's a similar thing where it has to become real to him.

“There's a moment where he's sitting in the locker room, I'm so tired. I was done, I'm drinking a beer, I'm covered in blood and happy. I see Eddie, sitting, twirling his thumbs, and I know this song he likes, ‘World War 3’ by Ruff Ryders, he keeps trying to push it on me. I didn't say anything, I just hit the song. It hits and I see his eyes switch, he starts pacing around the room, and I'm like, 'This motherf***** might go kill Bryan right now. This is so f****** good.' We walk to Gorilla, Bryan walks out, I grab Eddie by the shoulders and I said, 'Look at this stupid Whole Foods shopping vegan motherf*****, beat his fucking ass!' I could see it in Eddie's eyes. It was real. It was so good. Two amazing workers doing amazing work. It's probably my favourite match maybe of all time."

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