Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows Reveal They Almost Re-Signed With IMPACT Wrestling Before Returning To WWE

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows could have stayed with IMPACT instead of making WWE return

Gallows and Anderson made their triumphant WWE returns in October 2022, with the former WWE Raw Tag Team Champions returning to WWE after being released in early 2020.

During their hiatus from WWE, Gallows and Anderson enjoyed a gold-laden two-year spell in IMPACT Wrestling as The Good Brothers, and as they revealed on a recent episode of Talk’n Shop, there was an offer to remain with IMPACT before the two opted to rejoin WWE:

“I look back on my IMPACT memories as very, very fond. I know that our contract ended in July  [2022] and we were trying to figure out what we were gonna do and we were almost dead set on re-signing a brand-new contract for multiple years with IMPACT,” revealed Anderson, with Gallows adding that “we were made a very generous offer too which we appreciate.”

The Good Brothers continued, revealing how conflicts between major IMPACT and NJPW shows stopped the team from re-signing with IMPACT:

“It was great and we almost re-signed it but there was just this personal thing that we needed to do, we just wanted to do a couple of really big shows in Japan,” continued Anderson. 

“Yeah, and they were conflicting with some of Scott’s [D’Amore] dates and as a boss, I got Scott’s point,” said Gallows. “Even being a little promoter on my level, you understand that if the guys can’t make the shows you need them for then it doesn’t necessarily work so there was never a personal grievance. It was a business separation there. We wanted to make these shows and they ended up falling on big pay-per-view dates for them so… We basically said can we have a break for a few months? And let’s revisit it and during that, go ahead and fill it in.”

Anderson would reveal that he and Gallows signed one-month extensions with IMPACT, with Triple H contacting the pair about joining WWE the night their IMPACT deals ended.

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