Karrion Kross 'Would Very Much Like To Work' With John Cena In WWE

The two have hinted at a match on social media

Karrion Kross would like to see John Cena return for another full-time run in WWE and would like the opportunity to work with the 16-time World Champion. 

Cena and Kross have both teased a potential clash in the future after a fan suggested to Kross on Twitter that he should be the one to retire the legendary superstar. Cena would respond with one of his iconic, no-caption Instagram posts, featuring a picture of Kross. 

The NXT Champion would then put up a picture of Cena. 

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Kross does not necessarily believe he should be the man to face Cena in his final match, but would certainly welcome the chance to face him in the future. 

He said: “As for John Cena, I haven’t met him yet but a fan online had suggested that his last match be against me. I would certainly never suggest that, but I would very much like to work with him before he hangs it up.

"He’s a person who improved our industry through authenticity and hard work, which in return gave us all greater opportunities to pursue this as a dream job. He raised the bar for future generations and he’s someone we should all want to work with. I hope he comes back full-time at some point.

"When I was injured, I remembered people calling him Super Cena because of how fast he recovered from injuries. That was also a bit of inspiration to me as well—that if there was a way to do this, he figured it out, and I would, too."

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