Keith Lee Debuts On WWE Raw

His debut didn't go down well with fans...

During SummerSlam, WWE announced Keith Lee would be debuting on Monday Night Raw this week. The former NXT Champion did indeed appear on last night's show as he confronted Randy Orton after The Viper punted Drew McIntyre earlier in the night. The Limitless One then challenged Randy to a match and they went one on one later in the show. 

Lee's bout with The Viper didn't quite go to plan, however. The former NXT star managed to hit much of his signature offence on Orton, but The Apex Predator had the match won before Drew McIntyre charged to the ring and attacked his rival, drawing the disqualification. 

Fans were more distracted by the changes WWE made to The Limitless One's entrance music and attire, however. Instead of being serenaded with "Bask In His Glory," Lee made his way to the ring using a generic WWE sound mix and many people pointed out his new baggy shorts made it look like he was wearing a skirt. The decision to have Lee wear a vest during his match was also met with derision.

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