Kenny Omega Works The Ass & CM Punk's Speedo Weirdos: 10 Things You May Have Missed In Wrestling In August 2021

Did anything important happen this month?

It's the greatest comeback since CM Punk returned on AEW Rampage last week; Ten Things You May Have Missed is back! 

We're moving from the once-a-week TV model to a pay-per-view format here, as going forward Ten Things will look at all the tweets, beefs and missed deets from an entire month. 

With the new monthly format you will, of course, be charged somewhere in the region of £29.95 for the pleasure. 

August was quite the newsworthy month in wrestling, what with the returns of Punk, Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar, some major shows, juicy backstage happenings and, sadly, the death of the great Bobby Eaton. 

As always, however, with so much going on there are bound to be some things that slipped you by...

We're back, baby. Awooooo (wolf howl). 

10. No Fan Of Da Man

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The re-emergence of Goldberg in WWE on the road to SummerSlam was polarising amongst both fans and, it turns out, professional wrestlers. 

Former WWE star Rene Dupree (who worked with Goldberg while the two were on the Raw brand between 2003-04) was asked about his thoughts on the former WCW World Champion and, well, he was less than complimentary. 

Speaking with That 90's Wrestling Podcast, the French Tickler told a story of how Goldberg hit him so hard in the collar bone with a flag during a pre-taped segment that he still has issues with it to this day. 

"Yeah he dislocated my collarbone. We (La Resistance) had a pre-tape in the back with Goldberg and he hit me with the French flag and we had to do five takes. To this day, if I try to flex it, it still hurts. Yeah he's the sh*ts. He's horrible, many wrestlers will tell you that. 

To me they (WWE) must be desperate. That’s the only thing I can figure. They can’t create new stars or they don’t have confidence in the people they have"

Dupree was later criticised for his comments by Booker T, who wondered why Rene didn't speak up at the time and then went into detail about the time Bob Holly beat up Dupree backstage (over an unpaid parking ticket that Dupree had gotten while driving Holly's car, leading to legal issues for Bob) and other ribbing he received backstage (such as having a new expensive suit superglued to the wall in the showers). 

The French Phenom then responded to Booker's comments, clarifying that he didn't speak up at the time due to being young in the business and the unwritten rule that you don't complain about anything for at least the first six months you're on the road in WWE. 

The whole back-and-forth really snowballed after the initial anecdotal story/opinion from Rene, eventually revealing a lot about WWE's backstage culture in the early 2000's. 

To be fair to Rene, he has long maintained that he was the victim of harassment and bullying back then, and it seems he still can't catch a break with certain veterans. 

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