KENTA Calls Not Being Able To Use The GTS One Of His Worst Experiences In Pro Wrestling

KENTA was unable to use his own move when he got to WWE

New Japan Pro-Wrestling star KENTA has lamented the fact that he was initially unable to use his Go To Sleep finisher in WWE. 

KENTA signed with WWE in 2014 and was re-christened Hideo Itami, prior to debuting as a member of the NXT roster. He was initially unable to use the move he invented in the mid-2000s as it was closely associated with CM Punk, who used the move as his finisher (dubbed the GTS). 

Punk famously left WWE on bad terms when he walked out of the promotion before the post-2014 Royal Rumble episode of Raw. 

Taking to Twitter, KENTA wrote: "Let the world know. One of my worst experience in this business is that I was not allowed to use MY finishing move for 4 years. A move which I created on my own. WHAT A LIFE"

KENTA has referenced Punk 'stealing' his finishing move for years.

Despite the supposed bad blood (or perhaps because of it), he wanted a match with the Straight-Edge Superstar at this year's Forbidden Door pay-per-view. However, Punk was quick to dismiss the suggestion (though he ended up missing the show anyway after sustaining a foot injury).

KENTA's recent comments are likely prompted by Bobby Fish bringing up Punk's use of the GTS when discussing his issues with the former AEW World Champion. 

KENTA posted a screenshot of Fish's comments this weekend, accompanied by the comment "Hey Bobby. You are 100% right"

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