Kevin Nash Thought Vince McMahon Was Going To Fire Him When Told About WWE Championship Victory Plans

Nash had a 'stinker of a match' prior to his WWE Title win

Kevin Nash has recalled thinking Vince McMahon was going to fire him for having a bad match during a European Tour when summoned for the meeting in which he was told he was getting the WWE Championship.

Nash - as Diesel - won the WWE Title from Bob Backlund in an eight-second match at a live event at Madison Square Garden in 1994, winning the Championship ten days after WWE had returned from a European Tour.

Speaking to Steve Austin on his Broken Skull Sessions show, Nash admitted he had a particularly bad match on the tour due to drinking too much alcohol one night, and though the WWE chairman was summoning him to a meeting at his home to fire him in person.

Instead, McMahon wanted to discuss putting the World Title on Nash, which he admits he initially thought the boss was talking about the Intercontinental Title, having dropped it to Razor Ramon at SummerSlam 1994.

Nash said: "I’m like, ‘Well, I f****d up so bad he wants to fire me in person'. He ain’t gonna FedEx me, he’s gonna fire me in person. So I’m thinking like, ‘Vince is gonna fire me.’ So of course Vince gets busy, I fall asleep on his couch in his house. He walks in, looks at me, and goes, ‘Damn, make yourself comfortable.’ I sit up, he’s like, ‘Come on, let’s go by the pool'.

"We sit out there and he says, ‘What do you think about me putting the belt on you?’ I said, ‘I just had the IC belt.’ ‘No, no, no, no, the World Championship.’

"Now I’m waiting for the [laughter from Vince McMahon], ‘You’re fired.’ He says 'Yeah, we’re gonna do it at The Garden, you’re gonna do it at a house show because we don’t ever change anything up. I think it’ll help bring attendance up. I think you’re ready. I think you’re ready for that spot right now. With the right people around you, I think you can do it.'"

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