Report: John Cena Considered 'A Free Agent' On WWE Programming

Cena is set to show up on Monday Night Raw

John Cena made his long-awaited return to WWE at the end of an epic Money In The Bank pay-per-view on Sunday night, getting in the face of Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

The 44-year-old has been rumoured to be entering into a feud with The Tribal Chief, with a big match set for SummerSlam, meaning Cena is set for a number of meetings with the Head Of The Table on Friday Night SmackDown.

Some fans were a little confused, then, when Cena was announced as opening this week's Monday Night Raw for WWE, with the 16-time World Champion seemingly not confined by the brand roster rules that are utilised for the full-time talent.

Fightful Select is reporting that this will be the case and Cena is considered a 'free agent' within the context of WWE programming. This means, much like his run in 2017 and 2018, Cena can appear on any WWE television show that the promotion wishes him to.

With Cena likely only around for a short while, it makes sense that WWE wish to capitalise on his involvement in the product and have him appear on as many different shows as possible.

Cena is set to begin work on a new film following SummerSlam in August but the report goes on to say that the movie won't actually require his presence for filming for a while after production begins, indicating that Cena could hang around in WWE for a bit longer after the Las Vegas pay-per-view.

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