Report: WWE Weren't Initially Aware Of Peacock Issues During Money In The Bank 2021

The Peacock stream started to glitch during the MITB show

WWE put on a heck of a pay-per-view on Sunday evening in Money In The Bank 2021, but unfortunately the show was marred somewhat by viewing issues for fans in the United States. 

Peacock, the provider of the WWE Network in the USA and Canada, started having some technical issues just before the Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Match, with glitching and sound problems severely affecting the broadcast. 

It took Peacock a good while to resolve the problem, with WWE eventually communicating that users needed to log out and then log back into the system, with some fans questioning why WWE didn't stall the live show while the issues were resolved.

According to PWInsider, WWE weren't initially aware of the problems on the WWE Network on Peacock. The issues were not emanating from Dickies Arena, where WWE presented Money In The Bank from, and therefore had no way of knowing about the issues.

The technical problems therefore came from wherever Peacock was picking up the stream from and had nothing to do with WWE themselves. Peacock users noted that the steam, upon its return, did not have the Peacock branding on it, which means NBCUniversal likely used the WWE Network stream straight up.

Furthermore, there were no problems with the international streaming services, as fans in the United Kingdom can attest to, and WWE continued to present Money In The Bank 2021 live.

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