Johnny Gargano Names The WWE Main Roster Talent He Wants To Face In NXT

Gargano wants NXT to be known as WWE's third brand

Johnny Gargano 'would absolutely love' the opportunity to welcome WWE main roster talent to WWE and has named some of the superstars he would most like to face on the black-and-gold brand.

NXT has long been considered WWE's developmental territory but the former North American Champion believes NXT is at its best when thought of as WWE's third brand. 

As such, the black-and-gold brand should be treated the same way in drafts as Raw and SmackDown, and Gargano would love to see certain superstars making their way over to NXT, naming the likes of AJ Styles, Seth Rollins and Cesaro as dream opponents.

When asked about main roster talent switching to NXT, Gargano told Busted Open Radio: “I think I would absolutely love that. I think NXT works best, and this is obviously my opinion, I think NXT is a third brand. I think you should be able to send guys from NXT to RAW and Smackdown. You should be able to send guys from RAW and Smackdown to NXT.

"You brought up a guy like Cesaro. Trust me, we would love to have Cesaro. I think the dream matches you could get with Cesaro in NXT, they’re amazing. Cesaro is one of them.

"Obviously there’s a lot of guys that I’d like to work with as well, that I haven’t had the chance to yet. Guys like AJ Styles, guys like Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan was another guy on my list. Those three are the ones I get when I’m asked who I’d like to be in the ring with. So I would love if we’d start sending some guys to NXT.

"Who knows? I think Johnny Gargano vs. Cesaro on a TakeOver would be pretty wild."

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