Killer Kelly Talks About Her Time In NXT UK

Killer Kelly was part of NXT UK before signing with IMPACT Wrestling

Killer Kelly to IMPACT Wrestling has been a long-time coming, with Kelly set to re-debut for the company soon after signing in 2020.

Before that though, there was WWE NXT’s Killer Kelly, with Kelly wrestling for NXT UK before her release in January 2020. During a conversation with Cultaholic’s Tom Campbell on Desert Island Graps, Kelly spoke of her time in NXT UK:

"I love the BT Sport Studio. It gives it such a professional look, but I also love the venues. All the venues, being able to visit all these places around the UK. I loved it. It gave it such an old school feeling. Then again, it was, British venue, very cool, then you have something that is trying to be American. It's weird. Another thing, I never fully, 100% felt like I was in WWE because the roster was everyone from the Indies. I was like, 'This is an Indie show.’

"It was so weird, but cool in entering the WWE environment, but being a familiar environment, but seeing everyone kind of walking on eggshells. I'm like, 'Dude, I saw you the other weekend and you were drunk off your ass and now you're in a suit and being all proper. What the f*** is going on?' It was so weird. We were taping WWE and the next weekend, we were doing Independents again. I didn't know where I was sometimes. It was never fully WWE,” said Kelly.

To listen to Tom Campbell’s full conversation with Killer Kelly then click here.

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