Mark Henry Believes It's Time Velveteen Dream Was Given A Second Chance

Mark Henry thinks Patrick Clark should get a second chance

According to WWE Hall of Famer and AEW Coach Mark Henry, it's time Velveteen Dream (real name Patrick Clark) received a second chance in professional wrestling. 

After being asked to put together a modern-day Nation of Domination at a K&S WrestleFest virtual signing, Henry stated:  

"So easy (to pick a new Nation of Domination). Number one draft pick, (Powerhouse) Hobbs, and then number two, Omos, and then I would go Carmelo Hayes and as much as I love Trick Williams, I think that Trick is - he's too liked. I want people that people don't like. I want Bobby Lashley. I want people that you just don't like 'em. 

"And there's a lot of young guys that I think could hold up. But, my wildcard would probably be Velveteen Dream, would be Patrick (Clark). I think it's time for his second chance. A lot of people in the world of wrestling love the talent. We're in a cancel culture that is justified as so. We need a cancel culture. But, at some point, you gotta have grace and forgiveness and you gotta see if that person is gonna bury themselves again because habitual line steppers, that's exactly who they are. Once they get that second chance and they're out, I ain't cosigning for you no more. But, everybody needs their second chance. I think that would be my new Nation. Looked great too (at the convention I was at). I saw him.

"A lot of people didn't want to touch that and you know, I don't get into the guilt or innocence. Even though, from what I'm understanding, there was a lot of confusion and judgment about male sexuality, which I'm not a politician and I'm not gonna cast judgment one way or the other but I do realise I've been lied on before, so I know what it feels like to not be able to defend yourself in the court of public opinion, and at some point, you gotta say, you know what? Whatever happened, happened. But I need to make a living and I need another chance and I'm begging the fans for a chance. That's what I would do. I would throw myself on the mercy of the fans, and say give me another shot."

Velveteen Dream previously wrestled for WWE from 2014 until his release in 2021. Sexual misconduct allegations have surrounded Patrick Clark since 2020, including an allegation that he sent inappropriate photos to underage boys. A previous claim from EC3 also suggested that Clark secretly filmed other WWE talents in a bathroom without their consent. 

Clark released an apology video earlier this year, apologising for his "behaviour" in recent years that led to his WWE firing. He didn't directly address the allegations against him, however. 

Clark was booked by The Dynasty Pro Wrestling in February following his apology video, appearing on a show as a surprise. He subsequently faced American Muscle Alec Odin and Dream hasn't wrestled since, with his indy booking fuelling a furious backlash on social media. Booker T revealed earlier this year that Patrick Clark reached out to him in 2023 about a potential comeback. 

Mark Henry may soon be a free agent, with his AEW deal set to expire this month

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