Mark Henry Weighs In On CM Punk & Bryan Danielson To AEW Talk

The former WWE Champions are strongly rumoured to be ‘All Elite’

You’ve likely heard by now the rumours that CM Punk and Bryan Danielson are heading to AEW. Whilst AEW officials such as Tony Khan have declined to comment on the rumours, others like broadcaster Mark Henry have given their thoughts on the potential signings.

Talking to The New York Post, Henry said:

“I think it would be great for [any company] because you have unbelievable talent and two of the more master psychologists that I’ve worked with, guys that you sit down and you think, what’s not being done in pro wrestling? When you have a mindset of, ‘I want to do something everybody else don’t do,’ then automatically you are ahead of the game. You already have everybody. They’re gonna be on edge because once they see something they haven’t seen in years and it was really, really cool and you see someone who is well established and it’s gonna get over.”

With a raft of high profile WWE releases in recent months, it’s easy to assume AEW will hoover up the best talent available, as they already have done with the likes of Andrade El Idolo and Malakai Black. According to Henry, why wouldn’t AEW be looking at top tier talent just because of where they’ve worked before?

“I look at it like any other business, any other Fortune 500 company,” said Henry “We have elite talent in the business that you’re in and there are other companies, whether it’s WWE or New Japan or Impact, wherever it is, people are gonna leave those jobs and stay in the same industry. So why not go somewhere you can go and put your stamp of approval on something and make that work? It has nothing to do with the other company. The other company is irrelevant at that point. It’s about your individual talent. Talent is gonna rise to the top every time. It doesn’t matter what you did before. People ask for their releases so they can go and do what they feel like is more them than what the company is providing.”

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