Matt Hardy Discusses His TLC Matches In WWE, Being Open To Helping Younger Superstars

The VESSEL of Matt Hardy speaks...

Matt Hardy returned to WWE action on the November 25th episode of Monday Night Raw. While fans were excited to see the former Tag Team Champion return, he didn't have much luck inside the squared circle as he was defeated by Buddy Murphy.

Following his return, Hardy was interviewed by Sean Ross Sapp, in which they discussed his TLC matches and helping WWE's younger Superstars.

Hardy discussed how the TLC matches he had with Edge & Christian and The Dudley Boyz have ultimately cemented his legacy in professional wrestling.

Hardy said: "They trusted and gave us an opportunity to go out on the SummerSlam stage in 2000, and allowed us to be trailblazers and break this new ground, and do this incredible match with tables, ladders, and chairs [...] We had no idea how much we were cementing our legacy at that point. Looking back, that TLC became a staple in WWE history, in the industry. Every other company copied that match in some way, shape, or form. And there’s a pay-per-view event called TLC, and it was all stemming from that match and our accomplishments in it. I’m very honoured to have that."

Matt also praised WWE's current product, adding that he was open to helping the younger Superstars on the roster. He elaborated: "That’s not really my job or capacity now, but there’s times I’m definitely open to giving my insight or my opinion if someone is interested in having it. I have a good grasp on that. I understand what professional wrestling is at its core. It’s a competition, and you really need to get this bad guy that you want to have some sort of one up on the good guy, and see the good guy overcome the odds. And that’s wrestling at its core. And when you have great athletes, you make amazing matches. But then there’s also attractions and there’s stuff that’s variety. There can be a Cruiserweight division. The 24/7 thing is super entertaining. I think that’s great variety for the show as well. It’s all entertainment, when it’s all said and done. I think if you have variety, that’s what it takes to keep viewers invested now for a long amount of time."

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