Matt Hardy Open To Forming Trios Team With Jeff Hardy And Wardlow

Matt and Jeff Hardy AND Wardlow? Matt wants to make it happen

Wardlow has made no secret of his love for The Hardys, and it seems the admiration goes both ways.

Despite being TNT Champion, Matt Hardy has suggested Wardlow could join him and Jeff in fighting for the long awaited AEW Trios Titles, saying the following on the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast:

"From the first time I met Wardlow, I really appreciated him. He was very respectful. Very nice, very kind. He's a good guy. I see a lot of potential in him as far as being like a crossover-into-mainstream star, I think that would be possible for him. He's a very talented guy, he can do so much more than you would expect him to for his size and his look, he's extremely athletic. He's also a very charismatic, good looking, dude, and yeah, I would love to do a trios run with Wardlow once Brother Nero [Jeff Hardy] takes care of himself, and he gets to where he needs to be, Matt, Jeff and Wardlow together would be really, really fun. We can be Trios Tag Team Champs one day, if we get those titles," Matt said.

Wardlow won the TNT Championship on July 6, beating Scorpio Sky on AEW Dynamite.

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