Matt Hardy Thinks AEW Should Have Advertised Mercedes Moné's Debut

AEW should've announced Mercedes Moné beforehand, says Matt Hardy

Mercedes Moné made her debut with AEW at the recent Big Business show, drawing in a big crowd to the TD Garden on the premise that there was a possibility that she would be there. Much like CM Punk’s debut at AEW Rampage: First Dance back in 2021, the build and billing of this show heavily implied Moné’s debut, but didn’t confirm it. 

AEW’s Matt Hardy has spoken about her arrival in the company during his Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy podcast, and revealed that he would have announced her ahead of time to maximise on the publicity. 

"Looking back in hindsight I wish it would have been advertised — and that's not even looking back in hindsight, I wish it would've been advertised before she was even there. It was to mirror Punk's debut when he showed up at "AEW Rampage." And I feel like it would've been even more impactful if you would've just gone ahead and got it out there, and that would've been for the casual fans."

"I would've hammered it home, 'Mercedes Moné is debuting. Oh, that's the girl that was Sasha Banks!' That would be my only criticism. I'm glad she started the show, kicked it off. I would've liked to see her used through the show a little more, especially if she was gonna come back at the end. I feel like you make this the Mercedes Moné show."

Hardy did compliment her debut with AEW, though suggested these improvements which could have been made to further highlight Moné’s arrival. 

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