Matt Riddle On WWE Main Roster Call-Up: "Nobody Is Going To Ruin Me"

"The King of Bros" doesn't feel burial is inevitable...

At the end of May, word broke that NXT star Matt Riddle was getting called up to WWE SmackDown, and reactions were somewhat mixed. 

While Riddle is an undeniable talent, some feel WWE hasn't had the most sterling record of handling NXT talents on the main roster, when it comes to doing right by their potential. While losing to someone like Intercontinental champion AJ Styles in a competitive match is hardly a "burial" (as Riddle did on SmackDown last month), some saw the loss as a sign of bad faith.

Riddle takes a more optimistic view, however, and did his best to diffuse any negative thoughts surrounding his call-up while on After the Bell.

"For me, I was just really happy. The amount of trash people talk and were like, 'why would he be called up, they're gonna ruin him.' I'm like, 'you guys don't get it.' Nobody is going to ruin me," Riddle says. "I wouldn't go up if they were gonna ruin me. I don't care about money. I'll live on the streets. I want certain things a certain way. I'll respect you if you respect me. 

"People might say, 'that's stupid, it's always about the money.' No, if you become a legend, the money comes. I'm not about money, I'm about my status. I told them, 'I'm about making you money.' I'm never going to ask for more than I'm worth. At the same time, I know what I'm worth. I think that's why everything has been good and will only get better."

(Credit to Fightful for transcription)

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