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Meiko Satomura Comments On Signing With WWE

Why she decided to join NXT UK and more

It emerged recently that Meiko Satomura had signed with WWE as a Superstar/coach and joined NXT UK. She is set to debut on the UK brand next week and is currently involved in a storyline with Kay Lee Ray over the NXT UK Women's Championship. 

Satomura co-founded Japan's Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling and she announced back in October that she would be part-time in the promotion going forward.

Satomura recently spoke to Tokyo Sports about moving to London and she explained why she decided to join NXT UK.

The Final Boss said: "Senjo has been in business for 15 years and has been in danger of survival due to the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake for 10 years. For the last 10 years I have poured everything I have into the organization. And now I'm in the best condition as a wrestler. Then I decided I'd leave the organization to the younger generation and do what I wanted to do until I turned 50."

Satomura also spoke about her future goals and noted she wants to do something that Joshi pro-wrestling will benefit from down the line.

"I'm trying to do something the Joshi wrestling industry in Japan will benefit from in 10 years. The seeds we are sowing now will definitely bear great fruits in Japan in 10 years. I'm confident that by then, Japan will be attracting female wrestlers from all over the world," the NXT UK Superstar said. 

H/T to @EasternLariat for the translation. 

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