Mercedes Moné's Salary Demands During WWE Talks Revealed

There has been a report on what Mercedes Mone was asking from WWE

Though there has been nothing official as of yet, it is highly expected if not certain that at AEW’s special “Big Business” event in Boston at the TD Garden, Mercedes Mone will make her debut with AEW. In December it was widely reported that she was in talks with WWE, though these talks ultimately broke down

It was noted that the reason for WWE and Mone not coming to an agreement was due to being far apart on money, with Mone’s asking prices seemingly being too much. AEW followed this up soon after, and it was reported that she was heading to Tony Khan’s promotion instead. In a new report from Dave Meltzer when speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Mone’s asking price wasn’t too over-the-top. 

"I don't know her actual money demands, but I know in a general what she was looking for from WWE, and it was kinda in the range, and for a star of her caliber, while it would be a little bit more than WWE would be paying her, what she was looking for, maybe even more than a little bit more, but it was not more than they pay other women, and she was one of their bigger stars."

The belief is that Mone was looking for no more than what WWE pays the likes of other big stars like Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. In the end though, it looks as though AEW were able to meet her demands.

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Written by Andrew Kelly