Mickie James Comments On Eva Marie's WWE Return

Marie's return received some backlash on Monday

After five years away, Eva Marie returned to WWE TV on this week's edition of Monday Night Raw and kicked off what she dubbed the 'Eva-lution.'

While Marie re-signed with WWE all the way back in September 2020, her re-debut coming so soon after the company released 10 Superstars resulted in criticism from some fans.

One of those released Superstars in Mickie James was asked about Marie's return on Oral Sessions and the multi-time women's champion said: "Honestly, I think it's incredible that she's been able to step away and still remain relevant and rebrand herself and almost excel outside [of WWE]. Not everybody does that. I don't think her wrestling ability was ever her strength. I know that she's been down working in NXT and stuff. So, I don't know. I don't think the wrestling bit was ever her thing," James said. 

"I feel like there's always been, even going back to old school wrestling, I still believe there is a role for everybody and not everybody has to be a five-star wrestler and have dream matches. That doesn't have to be a thing if their character is strong and they can sell tickets and ratings, I guess it works."

James also didn't have strong feelings about WWE re-debuting Marie after her release and she noted it's common for the company to bring people back after WrestleMania.

"The fans they go, 'Well you just had all these budget cuts. You let all these people go and then you debut somebody else.' But they always debut new talent after WrestleMania as well so this just falls in line," she continued.

Furthermore, James is confident All Red Everything will be able to take advantage of the situation and gain heat from it. 

"She's beautiful and she's stunning and I do have mad respect in the sense of she has a million followers and she's been able to rebrand herself and really do a whole other thing outside of wrestling when she left. Me being an entrepreneur and I'm always looking at stuff so I completely respect that side of her. And I think she can capitalise on all this heat and go, 'Yeah, so?' That's where everybody will hate her and it will be great for her," Mickie added. 

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